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The active force behind ANOTHER WAY is Caroline De Vos: she is a born organiser. A seven- year career in the space industry as project leader combined with her passion for outdoor sports and nature to convinced her to look for other horizons : organising special events. Caroline’s social abilities and talent for organisation are her recipe for a satisfied client. She takes care of the practical aspects of events and plays the role of coordinator between partners, guides, local population and the group or the client.

She strives to be DIFFERENT. She is the key person for a successful trip or incentive, a thousand-handed organiser and a born altruist. She is empassioned, motivated by the will to share her experience.

Her main qualities are:
Goal- and Client-oriented
Motivated by challenges
Pragmatic and Rational
Altruist and Communicative
Fast Problem solver and Focused
Highly Qualified

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