Stress has taken part of our life. But it is essential to learn how to cope with stress. A prolonged presence of negative stress can cause a serie of physical and psychological damages. Stress can also be a first-calss motivator. The solution consists of learning how to manage stress in a balanced way. To recognise it, to know it and to fight it.

Nowaday society is hard with human values ; an increasing amount of people is looking to maintain or ameliorate their health trough a healthy natural nutrition and a better lifestyle.

A Wellness Consultant advises on nutrition, health and lifestyle. He is active within the complementary medical sector.

In summary, it is a reflexion on the simplicity of life : the most important role of a Wellness Consultant consists of making people aware that the most essential aspect of life is «simplicity»; teaching people how to come back to the simple little things of our daily life.

Wellness Consulent is also named VGL Consulant, from Dutch: (Voeding) Nutrition- (Gezondheidszorg) Health - (Levensfilosofie) Lifestyle

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